Energy Harvesting (EH) is the conversion of ambient energy into electric power for wireless industrial systems. An ambient light harvesting system consists of an Energy Harvester Power source and a processor/transmitter block. The Energy Harvester Power source captures micro to milli-watts of energy from ambient light. This power is then conditioned and stored within a storage device such as a rechargeable battery, an efficient quick charging capacitor or one of the newly developed thin film batteries. The system is then triggered at the required interval to take a sensor reading, through a low power system. This data is then processed and transmitted to the base station. This kind of EH System eliminates the need for hard wiring or the dependency on disposable batteries. Ultra low power micro-controller parts combined with efficient DC/DC Converters and battery management parts are an ideal complement to low power ambient light harvesting sources.

By enabling 20+ year rechargeable battery life, ElectricFilm is opening the door to new applications that were not feasible with disposable battery powered systems. From powering wireless health care monitoring devices with a tiny piece of energy harvesting film, to ambient light powered sensors for energy management systems, Electric Film are creating a complete ecosystem allowing designers to not only envision, but also create a battery-less world.

  •   Can replace the need for standard low voltage wiring and or batteries in most applications.
  •   Suitable for power supply to MOST shading motors of 24 volt or less.
  •   Suitable for north exposure & applications above 49th parrallel.