Roller Shades Calgary

Roller Shades
Roller Shades
Roller Shades
Roller Shades – Blackout and open fabric
Roller Shades – Blackout and open fabric
Roller Shades – Blackout and open fabric
Roller Shades – Dining room
Roller Shades – Dining room
Roller Shades – Dining room

The world’s most powerful light source

Roller shades Calgary
The sun is 94.8 million miles from the Earth with a surface temperature of over 11,000° F and is the brightest light available to us on Earth. At GiCor, we tame the sun through state-of-the-art manual, motorized, and automated shading solutions. Our window coverings preserve the view, appreciably lessen heat gain, and reduce damaging UV rays while allowing natural light to enter interior spaces and above all, they help to reduce energy costs.

Not all fabrics are created equal: Some of our solar screens have been awarded with numerous citations including 2 NeoCon® Silver awards in 2009, GREENGARD ® certification, LEED & Cradle to Cradle certification. Other high-tech shadecloths include an assortment of blackout fabrics and a vast collection of screen fabrics ranging from 0% up to 25% open in over 5000 weaves, patterns and colors. Many of these shadecloths are PVC free, fire retardant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.

Comprehensive models

Our approach is to offer a complete range of product lines from several manufacturers including both residential & commercial systems from Hunter Douglas or heavier commercial rated systems from Mechoshade, Draper, QMotion & GiCor’s exclusive brand of shading systems. Our roller shades Calgary collections include manual and motorized shades as well as a comprehensive line of specialty shading systems including bottom up, sloped and skylight applications. What does this mean to you? The right product, best quality, faster lead times and the best possible price. No matter the application, window size and budget we have you covered! We are roller shades Calgary!

It’s all about the power!

We offer systems using the latest technology available including power options from battery, solar power, low and line voltage. As with all projects it is important to determine wiring specifications as quickly as possible during the construction process. Factors such as window dimensions, installation type and desired control systems all must be considered in order to determine the best suited product. This will ensure that your project turns out just the way you wanted, and we can help you get there!

Integration is our specialty

Almost all our motorized shading systems can be integrated with audio-visual, lighting-control, home automation and building management systems using control systems such as ZigBee® PRO, infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF), dry contact, RS-232, and Ethernet just to name a few. IP addressing or RS-232, via a MechoShade Systems IQ/485® Network Interface (NI) is also possible. Overall our flexible systems meet the integration requirements of all new technologies through the open-architecture platform, which is being installed in today’s digital homes and commercial spaces.

LEED / Green Solutions

GiCor offers many product options and solutions to compliment your LEED projects. Eco-friendly manual Mecho®/5 system with EcoVeil® shadecloth has been recognized Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM silver to contribute toward a LEED® Innovation in Design credit. Others include exclusive programs such as the SolarTrac® and SunDialer™programs offered by Mechoshade which operate shades automatically in harmony with the suns sky position.

In capable hands

Our highly knowledgeable staff has the expertise to specify and install the ideal product, system, fabric and installation to meet the requirements of any project. Combined with the support of our suppliers, the GiCor team is positioned to be a leader in the window covering industry in Canada. Call us today to experience the value that we can add over our competitors.


GiCor is one of Calgary’s top motorization specialists, providing an excellent range of solutions for sustainable design and total building management systems. Motorized shades are also the ideal solution for inaccessible glazing such as clerestory or foyer windows, high bays, executive spaces, conference and training facilities, and other public areas. From the boardroom, to 40-foot-tall exhibition areas, and full scale high rise projects, there are motorized solutions that meet any of your project criteria.

Some projects require very little thought other than electrical and mounting details while larger projects may need to factor in particulars such as construction details, recessed pockets, electrical requirements as well as consideration with respect to integration of shading motors with a building management system. For more information on motorized shading systems & how to integrate these products with lighting, BMS, A/V, and automated controls systems – CLICK HERE.

At GiCor, Everything is Automatic!


Mechoshade Blackout Double Channel

Mechoshade Blackout Single Side Channel

Mechoshade Double Blackout Shades in Pocket

Mechoshade Motorized Double Side Channel


Mechoshade Room Darkening Brochure

Bottom Up

Mechoshade Manual M5 Bottom Up Shade

Mechoshade Manual M5 Bottom Up Shades Elevation Drawing

Mechoshade Manual M5 Bottom Up Shades in Pockets

Mechoshade Motorized M5 Bottom up Shades

Mechoshade Motorized Bottom Up Pulley Shades in Pocket

Mechoshade Motorized Bottom Up Pulley Sloped Shades

Mechoshade Motorized Bottom Up Pulley 2 Shades

Mechoshade Motorized Bottom Up Shades in Pocket

Control Systems

Control of motorized window coverings can be as simple as a wall switch or remote, however more often than not our clients are looking for a broader range of control including group control by room, elevation, floor and possibly the entire building of shades being deployed at one time. This can be achieved by incorporating the use of sun, heat & occupancy sensors, multi-zone relay controllers as well as total integration of shading systems within the platform of a building management system. Essentially if shadings can be deployed at the right time, there would never be a need to override other systems such as lighting, temperature and window coverings within the building envelope. For further information for each brand and project requirement, CLICK HERE.

IQMLC2 Cut Sheet

Mechoshade IQ Motor System

Mechoshade IQMLC Brochure

Mechoshade IQMLC Wiring Diagram


Hunter Douglas Platinum Technology

Hunter Douglas Platinum Bridge

IQMLC2 Cut Sheet

Mechoshade IQ Integration Brochure

Mechoshade IQ Motor Zigbee Card for Control 4

Mechoshade IQ485 Interface Brochure

Mechoshade IQMLC2 Cut Sheet

Mechoshade MechoLux Brochure

Mechoshade SolarTrac Brochure

Mechoshade SunDialer Cutsheet

Mechoshade Sundialer versus Solartrac

Mechoshade WhisperShade IQ Brochure

Mechoshade Window Management System

Mechoshade Zigbee RF Cut Sheet

Qmotion Control systems

Somfy ILT Motor Flyer new

Somfy ILT2 wiring Diagram

Somfy RS485 to ILT II Tap


Mechoshade IQ Motor Specs

Mechoshade Line Voltage Wiring

Wireless Controls

Chronis wirefree Sun sensor

Mechoshade 16 channel Universal RTS Interface

QMT Slimline Motorized Shades Brochure

Somfy RTS Programming Datasheet