Corradi Outdoor Enclosures

GiCor has been creating outdoor living spaces for our clients using a wide range of product solutions. Corradi USA is an Italian based company that provides a variety of systems proven for the North American market. By transforming outdoor areas into elegant living spaces through their motorized retractable shade systems such as “Pergotenda” they have become renowned for their product line.


These are made to measure systems for the protection from sun, rain, and in some instances even snow which can be free standing, installed against the building structure or in some cases on suitable pre-existing structures. The systems are typically made with aluminum or wood structures depending on the size & nature of the project requirements. Pitched versions have guaranteed wind resistance from grade 6 to 8 on the Beaufort scale, while flat versions have grade 6 resistance (above class 3 – UNI EN 13561). The folding canvas or Vinyl coated fabrics are available in a wide range of options to suit any design. This fabric is supported by intermediate supporting tubes and terminal bars set parallel to one another that move by sliding on side tracks / carriers with asymmetrical wheels.

Exterior Screens

These systems can be a very effective way of keeping the elements out and extending the season to enjoy your outdoor gazebos & patios. Exterior shading using guide wires can be used to reduce UV & heat gain as well as to eliminate glare. “Zipper” systems can be added to create a “bug free” zone as well as to minimize wind in areas that are prone to high wind load. Available in manual & motorized systems, they can be designed for roof mounted applications, wall & soffit mounted as well as recessed into the building structure with some additional planning. Fabrics are most often screen style base cloths with an opacity between 0 to 60% open depending on the desired outcome.


The new “Defense” system is a retractable “Sail” styled awning available up to 14 square meters. There are three possible anchorage options: direct anchoring to the ground, anchored to an optional lock plate which would be inserted into the concrete pouring, or with an optional weighted cross-base complete with AISI 316 stainless steel base cover.

These shades can be rotated through 90° & the canvas can be rolled up in a few seconds manually or by means of a radio controlled motor reducer. Fabrics are typically Dacron with a fiberglass reinforcement.


Get ready to join the Aesthetic Revolution! Extreme design, cutting edge performance and its marked aluminum profile make OLS systems perfectly in line with contemporary urban architecture. Awnings are typically installed on the exterior of a building & can greatly enhance both the appearance and functionality of any residential or commercial building. Control options include manual cranks or for larger systems, motorized is always the best option.


Most systems are set in motion by radio-controlled motors which can be operated using a range of control systems such as remotes, wall switches, sun sensors as well as smart phone and home automation systems. Wind sensors can also be added to retract the shades in high wind conditions at a moment’s notice.

Remember, mounting and electrical details vary from application to application so call us as early on in the project as possible to ensure that your installation turns out just the way you had envisioned.

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