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Jaipur Rugs Fall/Winter Collection

As the modern home continues to use hard flooring surfaces such as natural hardwoods, laminates, stone and ceramics to create warmer and more inviting spaces, some interesting design challenges occur. Floors and rooms become colder, the sound of footsteps become noticeable and sound vibration is often increased by these hard surfaces.

Determining the size and shape of the rug is paramount to ensure that the scale is correct. Composition is also important to guarantee that your investment is worthwhile. Pattern and color are the next obvious factors to consider which are generally based on the overall design of the space. Finally, how the rug is finished – for example with a fringe or bound with a trim or coordinating fabric – is important in order to ensure that it best suits the application.

As the requests from our clients vary, so do the design options from our manufacturers. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor rugs, standard or custom sizes and contemporary to traditional, we continuously source a broad range of both handmade and manufactured rugs made from all types of man-made and natural fibers.

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