What does “white glove service” mean?

Mission statement

Immerse yourself in the GiCor customer service philosophy we call White Glove. It’s our customer focused process that ensures you’re well taken care of, right from the beginning with selection and ordering all the way through to installation and warranty servicing. The White Glove Service program is unmatched and sets us apart from all competitors.

Ordering / installation process:

  • Our knowledgeable and experienced sales people will walk you through products options and features providing feedback and guidance to ensure that your selections are the best suited for your home and lifestyle.
  • All customer orders are tracked in our system as soon as they are placed which means that you can call in any time to get an estimated arrival of your order.
  • We will contact you within 24 hours of product arrival to schedule product installation as quickly as possible to meet your required schedule.
  • You’ll be in “great hands” with our experienced installers who take pride & ownership of your project. Working closely with our team, our people will coordinate and execute your installation correctly the first time.
  • Before leaving, our installers OR sales people will train you how to properly use and maintain the product that you have ordered.
  • Any missing or defective items will be treated as a priority, ordered within 24 hours and installed in a timely manner.
  • Final balance is not taken until installation is complete.
  • Installation is warranted for a full 2 years from the date of completion.
  • Any rebate or warranty documentation will be completed and submitted on your behalf.
  • GiCor goes above and beyond with regards to warranty service. Above fulfilling the * manufacturer’s standard warranty for parts, GiCor includes no-charge installer services up to 5* years depending on the product purchased.
  • We will respond to your request for product or Warranty service within 24 hours of notification. A plan will be implemented based on the needs which may include ordering of replacement parts.
  • In the event of a warranty repair, our installer will be dispatched to your home to perform one of three options;
    • diagnose the issue in order to implement a service strategy
    • pick up the product for repair OR repair the product immediately on site
    • OR whenever possible repair the product on site
  • In the event that there are multiple blinds in the same room, only the defective blinds or shades will be repaired or replaced. GiCor cannot guarantee a dye lot match to existing blinds.
  • If for some un-foreseen reason we cannot repair the product and a similar product is not available, GiCor will extend a no-fault warranty discount on any new product that you purchase from us

NOTE: * Manufacturer’s warranties can vary greatly however are limited to parts and labour to repair the product. Warranties DO NOT cover Installer’s required trip(s) to site in order to perform that service.  At GiCor we cover that charge up to 5* years following product installation. After that our preferred service rate will be extended.

The Fine Print*

  • All products covered by GiCor’s WHITE GLOVE SERVICE program MUST be installed by GiCor certified installers.
  • White GLOVE does not cover projects outside of Calgary city limits.
  • White GLOVE covers service calls for the following products / periods; Hunter Douglas, QMotion and Mechoshade manual shades – 5 years, Hunter Douglas, QMotion and Mechoshade motorized shades – 2 years. All other products manual or motorized – 2 years.
  • WHITE GLOVE SERVICE does not cover RENTAL properties or commercial projects where window coverings were included in the project by the builder.
  • WHITE GLOVE SERVICE does not cover commercial projects. These are covered under manufacturer’s standard warranties.
  • Warranties DO NOT cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, alterations, dry cleaning, cleaning with Ultrasonic method, discolouration or colour change due to sunlight or passage of time, humidity, exposure to salty air or corrosive materials, warping due to high humidity or excessive heat.
  • In the event that scaffold or mechanical lifts were required in order to complete the installation of the product, White glove NOR any manufacturer’s warranty will cover the cost to deliver, set up and return (NOR rental fees) for this equipment should it be required in order to fulfil any warranty or servicing issues should they arise.