Mechoshade Motorized Blinds Calgary

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Mechoshade Shading Systems is the grandfather of the Industry. Mechoshade considers itself as a technical company that happens to be in the business of shading. In the early 1970s, energy conservation initiatives were emerging, and their revolutionary software-controlled, automated-shading system was created. A building operator could now reduce their reliance on electrical lighting by better controlling natural light—while requiring little-to-no action from the building occupants. They essentially developed the technology for minute-to-minute solar-ray predictions and BTU loads on windows where their automated shades responded to these factors, rather than timers or sensors alone.

Since that time, Mechoshade has introduced many innovations including the most recent launch of the 6th generation manual operator “M5x” which is one of the heaviest rated clutches in the shading market today. The “Magnashade” – one continuous shade up to approximately 40 ft. (12m) wide by 20 ft. (6.1m) high. They have also been developing and patenting their own motors and electronics to create shading architecture that is inferior to any of their closest competitors. Other innovations, (with the help of Dr. William McDonough – Cradle to Cradle) include the development of their own line of infinitely recyclable shading cloths called “Ecoveil” in a range of opacities from 1 to 5% open.

Today, Mechoshade Shading Systems offers residential clients, contractors, designers and architects one of the most diverse shading systems available today. It boils down to a premium product at a fractional increase in capital cost. Let GiCor show you how we can use Mechoshade Motorized Blinds to enhance all of your future shading projects.

The Many Marvels of Mechoshade

  • Manually operated roller shades; “Urban” & “M5” & “M5x”
  • Motorized roller shades; battery, low and line voltage, RF, RS232, IQ485, Zigbee, Z-Wave
  • Compact, sleek roller shades for small spaces; “Urban”
  • Oversized, superwide shades for long windows: “Magnashade”
  • Blackout-shading and room-darkening systems: Opaque fabric & blackout side channels
  • Over 300 proprietary shadecloths; Polyester yarns, PVC FREE, Ecoveil (recyclable), blackout, Greenguard, LEED
  • Automated roller-shade systems; Intelligent motors, RTS – Radio Series Motors, Sundialer & Solartrac systems
  • Accessories; Recessed shading pockets, proprietary shadecloths; Polyester yarns, PVC FREE, Ecoveil (recyclable), blackout, Greenguard, LEED
  • Controls; remotes, wall switches, sun & wind sensors, smart phones, all home automation and sophisticated building management systems
  • Intelligent motors, Sundialer & Solartrac systems
  • Specialty shades; Bottom up rollers, angled shades, sloped & skylight windows
  • Fully recyclable shading systems; Elegant, sustainable solar protection with a view


GiCor’s Experience

  • Completed over 300 motorized projects including CCIS (U of A) Sciences building – over 600 motorized shade bands
  • Integrated shading systems with all major automation brands including; Control4, Crestron, Elan, Lutron, HAI, Vantage, Johnson Controls as well as most AI (voice) control systems
  • Largest shade installed (Size) CREB, Calgary, Alberta. Motorized shades over 35 feet long
  • Widest shade installed (Size) Calgary residence. Motorized shade at 269″ wide
  • Largest shading installation (Quantity) Guardian Towers, Calgary, Alberta – over 5000 manual shades
  • If you are in the planning stages, renovating, building or just refreshing a room, consider GiCor & the Mechoshade product line for all of your future shading projects.

Why Roller Shades

Specialty Windows Brochure

Mechoshade Window Management System

IQMLC2 Group Shading Relay Control

Shades of Sustainability Brochure

Mechoshade IQ (Intelligent Motor) System

Mechoshade IQ Motor Zigbee Card for Control 4

Mechoshade Zigbee RF Cut Sheet

Mechoshade IQ485 Interface Brochure

Mechoshade MechoLux (Shading Interface) Brochure

Mechoshade SolarTrac (Large Project) Solar Tracking System

Mechoshade SunDialer (Small Project) Solar Tracking System

Mechoshade Sundialer versus Solartrac Comparison

MagnaShade Brochure (Monster shades)

Mechoshade Solutions Overview