Home Theater

Home theater systems are becoming one of the fastest growing product segments in recent history. Second only to the home office, much attention is now being paid by both spec. and custom home builders to address this demand. In designing a quality home theater, special attention must be given to the design and shape of the room, finishes and furnishings, acoustical properties and of course the electronic equipment, all which are paramount in order to mimic the performance and experience of a commercial theater.

Now imagine a home theater that takes care of lights, picture, sound and window coverings with the touch of a button. Utilizing home automation systems you can monitor and control the components in your theater using remotes, touch panels, phones and ipads as well as other android devices.

If addressed in the planning stages, provisions for basic wiring and construction details can be made to accommodate AV equipment, shading and control systems. Pockets can be framed into the ceiling to conceal projection screens and window coverings. Projector lifts can be motorized and recessed so that they are hidden when not in use.
GiCor offers a full range of audio, video, furniture and decorating products that are suitable for all types of home theater applications.

Remember that Experience Is Everything. GiCor specializes in the design and pre-planning stages for home theater and home automation systems. Call us for a no charge consultation today.