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To cover or not to cover,,,, that is the question…..

I was recently in Dallas Texas attending a product training from Corradi USA where they manufacture a modern line of retractable fabric and louvers roof systems. With Corradi you can have the best of both worlds! Sun when you want it, shade when you need it and an affective way to get out of the rain and snow while still enjoying the outdoors. With the already short barbecue season that we endure north of the 49th parallel, Canadians are always looking for ways to extend their time outdoors. With Corradi’s vast product line, we’ve got you covered! From Awnings to Drop shades, retractable fabric roof systems and pergolas to louvered roof systems and insect / shading screens, we can create an enjoyable, comfortable and affordable outdoor space that is both versatile and appealing.

Before you get started, it should be noted that these systems most often require a fair amount of planning. Things like typical window conditions, potential for snow loads, required drainage away from existing structures and even sun orientation must be factored into the equation. Structural footings are often required to support the system and climactic conditions will likely play a big factor in determining that. As

As for the power requirements, some motors are 24 volt which can be provided by some of the new solar options that are now available.

Control options include wind, sun and heat sensors, remotes, switches, smart phone apps, home automation interfaces and even voice control thru a providing that you have a good network near the structure.

With summer just around the corner, a good time to start planning is NOW! Let GiCor work with you, your builder or architect to start things off on the right track. Contact us today to get an estimate on the retractable fabric and louver covers Calgary loves! We’ll help you to decide whether to cover or not to cover.

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