Somfy Shading Systems Calgary

From Swiss watches to smart homes and workplaces……..

1750 In a french valley on the borders of Switzerland, Somfy craftsmen made parts for Swiss watches. This region is where Somfy logo (1)our story began, and where our name originates. Somfy is an acronym, it stands for
Societe d’Outillage Mecanique du Faucigny
which translates to Mechanical Tooling Company of Faucigny

1868 saw the business expand to a wide range of products including fishing reels and rods.

1969 brought a unique opportunity to Somfy when a local awning and shutter manufacturer was looking for a solution to power its products. Somfy was the only company able to manufacture a prototype. This was the first step in a whole new direction for the company.

1977 Somfy expanded into the USA. Manually retractable awnings were commonplace, so motorization was a welcomed feature. Motorized projection screens and interio shades followed quickly thereafter.

1981 Somfy launched “Somfy-matic”, the first weather controlled awnings and shutters. These were capable of sensing weather conditions and automatically adjusting their position to control heat, glare and UV within a space.

Today, Somfy is helping to create smart homes, buildings & workplaces. Shading products can be deployed by time, climate, motion, occupancy and other sensors to provide the ultimate in solar control. Whether it is controlling shades for a small home or office / a large conference center or high rise tower in the downtown core, Somfy Shading Systems has the right motor technology for your application. Smartphones or tablets can also now remotely control Somfy products from anywhere in the world. Additionally our products easily integrate into popular home and commercial building automation systems such as AT&T, Crestron, and Honeywell.

Somfy Highlights

  • Motorized shading motors; battery, low and line voltage, RF, RS232, IQ485, Zigbee, Z-Wave
  • Most power options; battery, solar, transformers & line voltage
  • Most torque range from 1Nm to 100 Nm (12-500lbs lifting capacity)
  • Strongest quietest motors on market
  • Automated roller-shade systems; Intelligent motors, RTS – Radio Series Motors, SDN – Somfy Digital Network & Animeo IP systems
  • Controls; remotes, wall switches, timers, sun & wind sensors, smart phones & tablets, all home automation and sophisticated building management systems
  • Applications; Roller shades, Cellular, Pleated & Woven Wood shades, Awnings, Zipper shades, Security Shutters
  • Intelligent motors, SDN & Animeo IP systems

Somfy is Everywhere!

  • Installations in United Nations Headquarters, Shangri La Hotels, the Vancouver Convention Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to name just a few in North America.
  • Produced more than 150 million motors since inception. Today they manufacture a motor almost every second and serve 270 million users worldwide
  • If you are in the planning stages, renovating, building or just refreshing a room, consider the GiCor & the Somfy Systems product line for all of your future projects.

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