Solar Powered Blinds Shades, Powered By Light

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You’ve traditionally had two choices when it comes to powering your motorized window treatments: disposable batteries and hardwired AC power.
Both options have their drawbacks. Powered shades typically use non-rechargeable alkaline batteries that need replacing in as little as a year, creating recurring operational costs and battery disposal issues. Hardwiring is costly and disruptive for any retrofit installation. Now you have the option for Solar Powered Blinds Shades.

PoweredShades_450x300 ElectricFilm PFL (Power From Light) series offers complete self-charging power solutions, providing continuous, maintenance-free power for virtually any motorized shade up to 18 volts, in any size window.

It Works in Any Light

The ElectricFilm PFL series generates power in any level of sunlight, on any side of the building — even through tinted glass. This high efficiency guarantees at least two up/down operations per day, in any climate or geographic location, even in a north-facing window after a long period of cloudy or snowy days.

It Works as a Green Alternative

The PFL series is a sustainable, ecological solution that can contribute to LEED certification, outperforming competing solar technologies in challenging light conditions.

It Works, Period

Our PFL series provides years of reliable, maintenance-free power for your motorized window treatments. We guarantee it.

Order the PFL Custom to custom fit any size window, or the PFL30 to fit any 30-inch window right out of the box. Both PFL solutions are attractively designed, easy to install, and feature a unique low-charge indicator to ensure long product life and customer satisfaction.
GiCor is Solar Powered Blinds Shades!

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