Exterior Shading / Zipper Screens

Exterior shading systems can be a very effective way of controlling both heat and damaging UV rays before they can penetrate the building envelope. Typically the most effective and suitable product is a commercial rated roller shade combined with a perforated screen fabric. Smaller openings can be treated using light commercial shading systems that run along guide wires to keep from being damaged in the wind. Larger openings such as gazebos, garages and open patios are better treated using zipper systems which ensure the stability of the fabric and keep fabric edges tight and within the guide channels which can be extremely effective in keeping bugs from entering into the treated space. Controls options for both systems can be either manual with chains or cranks OR the more preferred method using electronic shading motors. This option includes a variety of technologies that allow for switch, wireless RF, RS232 serial commands as well as intelligent motors and adaptable components suitable for integration with home automation systems. Other options include sun / heat sensors to automatically lower shades at a specified threshold in order to maintain a consistent temperature inside and out. Wind sensors can also be added to retract the shades in high wind conditions at a moment’s notice. Control devices include remotes, wall switches, computers, tablets and smart phones.

With respect to fabrics, not all are created equal however most screen fabrics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A fabric range of 5% to 45% open is generally suggested, each providing a varied degree of protection from heat, glare and insects. Darker colored fabrics provide a better view outside than lighter fabrics.

Click here and go to the “Fabrics” tab, then open the pdf entitled “Choosing your Shadecloth” for further details.

Remember, mounting and electrical details vary from application to application so call us as early on in the project as possible to ensure that your installation turns out just the way you envisioned.

Corradi exterior shades

  • Available in sizes from 3 feet to 23 feet wide x 18 feet high, depending on the system & fabric selection.
  • Two headbox sizes available: Summit 6” high (headbox) & Harbour 8” high (headbox).
  • Two headbox styles: square & curved.
  • Side channels can be jamb or face mounted.
  • Side channel width can be as small as 1-3/4″ wide.
  • Hardware finish choices: White quartz, Corten, Galcier, Urban Bronze, Beach Sand, Anthracite, Dune, Carbon & Granite. Custom powder coat finishes also available.
  • No light gap at side channels for complete edge blackout system if required.
  • Can serve as an operable insect screen or room divider.
  • Can be crank operated or motorized.
  • Provides excellent protection against wind.
  • Child safe obstacle detection motors used.
  • Weighted hem bar to stabilize shade during operation.
  • Available with RTS (radio series) or standard motors.
  • Product designed for exterior and interior use.

Progressive Screens

*MAGNATRACK! Our Patented track system overcomes inherent hangup issues, re-wrapping, dislodging from side tracks that ALL other ZIPPER systems incur! The MagnaTrack system is only available through authorized Progressive Screen dealer and ELIMINATES ALL the issues common with competitive zipper systems. Internal Neodymium magnets allow the inner track to free float with no mechanical fasteners, self adjusts for un-level surfaces, and It is the only self correcting motorized screen in the industry! GUARANTEED to out perform any competitive product and built to last a life time!
*Obstacle Detection Motors! Progressive Screens has partnered with Gaposa (Italian) motor option for the only triple-try obstacle detection. Together with the MagnaTrack make your motorized system almost issue free, user friendly, and the #1 Motorized Screen system available. Unmatched performance and designed to enhance your outdoor living area. Simu and Somfy obstacle detection motors are also available with the MagnaTrack system

*QUALITY! We pride ourselves on fast and accurate shipments. Most orders will be produced and shipped within 2-3 weeks. Every shipment is inspected at each step of production. A final quality control inspection ensures that only the finest quality product is shipped.

*VALUE! Every component of your motorized screen is designed to enhance the performance of the system and built to withstand the most rigorous conditions! Thus providing a World Class product at an affordable price.

Still not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of the features and benefits of our motorized screen system, as compared to other motorized screens. You will find that our reasoning behind everything we do in the manufacturing process is to provide you with the best possible product in the industry!

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