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Exterior Shades & Awnings

Exterior Shades & Awnings

Summer has officially arrived in Calgary. The sun stays in the sky later and rises earlier, while we try to enjoy as many hours as possible outdoors. With the change in seasons and rise in temperatures, now is the time to outfit the exterior of your home or office with an awning or exterior shading system to control the heat, glare and damaging UV rays.

Awnings and exterior shades increase the aesthetic appearance of your home and commercial building, while enhancing the functionality of your building and outdoor space.


Awnings are typically installed on the exterior of a building, but can also be used over interior windows and entranceways in malls, or retirement homes to create a French café atmosphere. With the hot sun penetrating your window, the temperature inside your home escalates. An awning shades the exterior of a window or entrance, and can lower the temperature inside your home by 10-15 degrees – say goodbye to large air conditioning bills! Exterior awnings are beneficial for enhancing the functionality and appearance of an outside space by providing a temporary, customizable, and moveable source of shade.

Exterior Shading (Zipper Screens)

Exterior shading systems are commercial rated roller shades that can cover small and large openings such as gazebos, garages, and open patios. These systems are effective for keeping heat and damaging UV rays from entering your building. Larger areas, such as gazebos, are best treated using zipper screen systems, which ensure the stability of perforated screen fabric with tight edges and are exceptional for controlling bugs inside the space

Secure your outside and inside space from harmful UV rays and bugs by installing an awning or zipper screen system on your building or gazebo. A variety of awning and exterior shade control options exist, including manual and wireless control systems. Manual controls are available in chain drive, manual cranks, or motorized systems for large spans or hard to access areas. Both our awnings, roller, and zipper shades can be controlled by wireless remotes, switches, and integrated with home automation systems and smart phone apps.


Many options are available to outfit your awning with sun and heat sensors, wind sensors, smart phone apps, and heating and lighting attachments. The sun and heat sensors will automatically lower shades at a specific height to help maintain a consistent temperature inside and out. Wind sensors can also help to retract shades at high velocity winds in order to protect the awning and shades.

Whether you are considering an awning or zipper screen for your exterior shade needs, all of our fabric styles are elegant and sophisticated with a multitude of patterns and colors to choose from.

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