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New Alexa – Control4 voice control automation

New Amazon Alexa – Control4 voice control automation

Imagine controlling your entire home using only voice commands. GiCor can make this possible by integrating the new Amazon Alexa or Amazon Dot into your Control4 project.

After bench testing the new Amazon Alexa with Control4 we have not only integrated this new voice control technology into our project, we have successfully managed to have Alexa confirm which room that it is in. Even Amazon hasn’t released that  feature yet!!! What does that mean to you? Essentially the number of commands are decreased exponentially by making this breakthrough. Commands are much easier to remember than before. Instead of saying; “Alexa, turn on master bedroom lights”, you now only have to say; “Alexa, turn on lights” and she will do the rest. So now imagine that you live in a 3 bedroom house with a home theater, kitchen, dining and media room. You only have to learn commands for lights, video, audio and a few others instead of each of these commands for each room.

Pretty amazing accomplishment and we can do it for your home too!

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Alexa & Control4 – the future is here

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